Yenny Delgado and Rob Rivers founded Umbrella Initiatives in the summer of 2009. The two met in very unique circumstances. Rob had just finished his graduate studies in chemistry and went to Peru as volunteer and missionary with the group Latin Link. His primary work was reaching out to University Students through organization InterVarsity in Peru. At the same time and at the same organization Yenny Delgado served as Program Coordinator in outreach for a program to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS amongst college students.


While working together they found they had more in common then working together but they both had a

passion for seeing the lives of individual living in difficult circumstances improved. Prior to getting married, they had one simple idea that they should commit themselves not only to each other, but also to ensuring that in the union that individuals living in poverty would be benefited in concrete ways that really involved buy-in and support from local communities. From these idealistic beginnings they decided that they would somehow help others.

To show their commitment to the ideals of Justice, Commitment, and Equality they asked that friends and families members at that there wedding in January 2010, give donations to the yet to be formed organization – Umbrella Initiatives Foundation. Through these initial donations the first Backpack Project and several other projects were successfully completed.

The official paperwork for Umbrella Initiatives were officially accepted by the State of Maryland on the 28th April 2010. Two years later the organization received official notification from IRS as a 501©3 not-for-profit organization. Today, Umbrella Initiatives continues with the humble ideas of the co-founders to ensure that through Justice, commitment and equality we can all make a powerful.

Why the name?

In starting the organization, Yenny had one key idea she wanted the word “Initiative.”  Primarily, because from years of work in Peru she knew first hand that there were several individuals in Peru with both the determination and clever ideas to make a positive difference society.  However, these individuals and small groups needed support. Thus, the organization would be an Initiative that works hand and hand with organizations and individuals in Peru, the United States, and elsewhere that had a comment to making a difference.


While, hearing the earnest dedication and desire in Yenny’s voice; Rob immediately knew that somehow it would form an “Umbrella.”  Essentially with the idea that the organization would help to fund small projects bringing together community groups and sponsors to improve the situation, akin to how an Umbrella is synonymous for bringing various entities together so to would be the organization.

From these long conversation the name and the organization was setup – Umbrella Initiatives Foundation, Ltd.