Project Superlectoras

Reading opens the mind in a myriad of ways from exploring new worlds, understanding people from different areas and confronting the realities that face each of us day to day. A literate population is a backbone of a healthy country, growing economy and informed public. Over the years in sponsoring the Backpack Project it has become abundantly clear that promoting literature and reading in general is not only critical for future development but is often missing when students have participated in the week of scholastic reinforcement. Specifically, students have been clamoring for greater access to books and opportunities to read and understand.

The experience in the Backpack Project, though anecdotal, is borne out by nationwide datasets, which shows that on average in Peru individuals read only about 30 pages in a book a year! This is compared to other countries such as Mexico were on average a person will read 6 books and Argentina were on average an individual reads 4 books.

To address these issues Umbrella Initiatives is working to ensure that children in Peru have access to books in a more accessible way through the Project Superlectoras. The goal is to not only provide a book, but also to help nourish a passion for reading and work with children focused on reading comprehension.

Objective of Project Superlectoras:

  • Promote reading and access to books in Peru.
  • Promote the #Perulee campaign in social networks.
  • Encourage and expand reading time in elementary schools.
  • Provide free of charge to children the book “Las Aventuras de Paloma,” a story of Peruvian girl who loves to read and through reading lives out dreams of exploring her country and teaches the importance of protecting the environment.

Project Superlectoras is carried out with local community groups throughout Peru in public elementary schools. The project works with children between the ages of 5 to 12 years and old with a focus on empowering reading and encouraging increased literacy in the school through the following interactive workshops with a total duration of 8 hours. Each of the session will promote:

  • Reading comprehension, spelling and dictation skills.
  • Art activities, through painting and acting.
  • Development of creativity. Inviting the participants to write as the story and the adventures of Paloma would continue.

So far, over 2500 children between the ages of 6 and 12 have participated in the SuperLectoras Project, in public schools in marginal communities in rural and urban areas of the country have benefited.

Your support is need so we can continue to expand SuperLectoras to every classroom in Peru. Our goal is that in the future Project SupLectores will become part of the government curriculum and every third grader in the country will have an opportunity to grow to find their own voice through reading and expanding their creativity.