Yenny DelgadoYenny

Co-Founder and Director

Psychologist, theologist and educator, Yenny’s past experience and work has been focused on social justices, equal opportunity and access to education both in Peru and USA. At Umbrella she is both the co-Founder and Director and coordinates with schools, volunteer groups and the entire team. Yenny has travelled throughout Peru and several other countries in Latin America and has extensive experience working in community development projects and with women and children. These experiences provide some of the key building blocks in many of the Projects of Umbrella Initiatives. 

Rob Riversrob

Co-Founder and Administration

Chemist and Program Manager, Rob studied chemistry at Kentucky State University and then continued his studies in chemistry at the University of Cambridge completing his Ph.D. in 2006. He currently works as Scientific Program Manager coordinating with researchers with a goal of discovering proteins key in a number of key biological pathways. His current role with Umbrella Initiatives is key in developing paperwork, administrating finances, and as the official liaison with both the State and Federal governments.


Randy DelgadoRandy Delgado

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Randy Delgado is a trained graphic designer who provides support to the projects and activities on the ground in Peru. His main goal through work with Umbrella is to demonstrate through images both the community needs and how the projects undertaken by Umbrella are addressing these needs and beginning to make a difference. Randy’s training and support is both empowering the work of Umbrella and allowing the message to be spread to a larger audience.

Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia

Educator, Theologian, Volunteer Coordinator

Miguel Garcia has over 25 years experience working in education with children and young adults throughout Peru. Currently he is the coordinator for the Backpack Project in Piura. Over the last three years he has mobilized over 75 local volunteers to provide scholastic reinforcement for children living in poverty.