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Happy Holidays

From on behalf of everyone at Umbrella Initiatives we want to wish you a very happy Holiday Season and fruitful start to 2023.   As you consider ways to support education, community growth and leadership in Peru and Bolivia we strongly encourage you to put Supporting Umbrella Initiatives on your list of donations this Giving Tuesday.  Donating is fast, safe […]

Image of children reading in a circle in Puno, Peru

Standing in Solidarity with the Peruvian People

As I am sure you have seen on the news over the past few weeks the current political and social situation is currently in turmoil.  As a not-for-profit organization that has worked for over 13 years to advance educational opportunities and expand literacy we stand in solidarity with the Peruvian People.  Oppressive military operations that lead to violence, death and […]

Gift with Vision

Gift with Vision! Buy the books collection “The Adventures of Paloma in Peru and the Big City” for $35 + $5 shipping. Your purchase goes to support the Super Reader Project in Peru, where more than 20,000 children have participated and taken a step towards greater literacy.

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