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Umbrella Initiatives Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization recognized by the IRS that seeks to build bridges between communities between North and South America in order to make a positive difference in the lives of marginalized people.  Umbrella Initiatives is committed to the positive transformation of communities through goal oriented projects based on community involvement and direction.  We believe that we must help others as a part of being community with the rest of society. This basic thought guides our work and how we interact with community groups. In the projects and work we always incorporate the community in the decision making process from the design to implementation and work as a partner in work and activities.

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Mother and daughter walking

School is Back and Preparations are ongoing

School is back in session for most of the northern hemisphere and students and parents are getting use to the new routine, teachers, and subjects.  However in  Peru and Bolivia the academic school year is still in session and the new school year does not start until February and March of 2020.  Here at Umbrella Initiatives Foundation we are ramping […]

The Burnt forest

The Hidden Chiquitania, Now Visible Through Fire

Over the past few weeks, the world’s attention has turned to the burning of the Amazon with a primary focus on Brazil which is home to over 60% of the primordial forest that serves as thermostat and lungs for the planet. However, the burning and loss of forest lands that have occurred in Brazil have also taken place in neighboring […]

Escuela Vivencial de Voluntariado – Experiential Volunteer Leadership School

This past January 13- 18, 2019, Umbrella Initiatives Foundation launched the Inaugural Experiential Volunteer Leadership School in Tipon, Peru.  In addition to the hands-on work of the Backpack Project we added an afternoon leadership training school to provide opportunities for reflection, learning and growth for the volunteer. The additional training was added to further build on the experience and growth […]

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