Standing in Solidarity with the Peruvian People

Image of children reading in a circle in Puno, Peru

As I am sure you have seen on the news over the past few weeks the current political and social situation is currently in turmoil.  As a not-for-profit organization that has worked for over 13 years to advance educational opportunities and expand literacy we stand in solidarity with the Peruvian People.  Oppressive military operations that lead to violence, death and crack downs on the people of Peru are not the ideal path to a more inclusive multi-cultural and multi-ethnic democratic state.  We denounce the repression and condemn the violation of human rights in the country.

We thank all our friends from the foundation who continue to support our work and of countless volunteers and community organizations on the ground. Now more than ever, resources will be needed to continue supporting children and ending discrimination against indigenous and poor people throughout the country. Our continued actions and activities will be always to empower children, women and community members to greater self-determination through access to literacy and education.