Running in Support

When we usually think about running the first thought that usually comes to mind is running for exercise or perhaps even running for safety.  However, in September both Rob Rivers and Julio Goicochea have been running to make a positive difference through supporting Umbrella Initiative’s Backpack Project.  Both of them recently ran half marathons and through their fleet feet and outreach they were able to raise a combined $2576 dollars to support the Backpack Project.

The Backpack Project aims to motivate community groups and churches to provide academic reinforcement to elementary age children in creative ways that focus on learning through playing for one week. After the week, which is akin to a summer camp, all children receive a backpack with the necessary supplies and materials they need for the start of the school year.  The target population for this intervention is children living in poverty who otherwise would not have the ability to have the school supplies and materials needed to start the school year.

Through the strong legs of both Julio and Rob, 100 more children will benefit from the Backpack Project!  However, we still have not yet reached our goal for 2014! By the end of the year we need to raise an additional $5,000.00 to ensure the funds to provide for materials and supplies to over 1000 children in Peru.

We salute their strong effort and we encourage others who are undertaking marathons, races or any other event to consider it as an opportunity to support the work of Umbrella Initiatives and help those in need!