At Least Twice a Day

Students share lesson's learned with their parents and community members.
Students share lesson’s learned with their parents and community members.

Beyond only providing academic reinforcement a key component of the creative classes are the opportunities to provide invaluable life lessons.  Each of the organization’s that operate the  Project focuses on a number of themes including: environmental responsibility, nutrition, personal hygiene, social responsibility and the importance of exercise.  Throughout the week these issues are addressed in active ways so that children can implement the lesson’s learned in their daily lives.

This past January we were able to expand the components focused upon personal hygiene to include a dedicated section on the importance of dental health in Sotapa, Peru.  As a result of the Dental drive and the generosity of local dentist in the Washington, DC metro, Dentist in Abancay Peru, and also the Girl Scouts each of the 85 students received dental supplies in their backpack so that they could apply the lesson’s learned during the class.

For 2016 we hope to expand this component to more projects but it is only possible with your support.  Please contact us if you would like to find our more information or if you or your organization might be able to help Sponsor the project or components of it.