Dental Drive

We are collecting toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss to provide to over 2,000 children in Peru for 2015. In order to reach this goal we need your help. In this Drive we are asking for individuals to reach out to their neighbors, community groups, friends and congregations of faith to provide dental supplies. All donated dental supplies will become a key part of the Backpacks provided during the Backpack Project. We aim to collect 2,000 toothbrushes, 2,000 packages of dental floss and 2,000 packages of toothpaste.

Why and How?

While working in Chala, Peru this past February during the Backpack Project, we noticed that several children though enjoying the class did not always smile during the pictures. Of course this is understandable, as some kids don’t smile during photos. However, in talking with Sergio, 7-years old, he told me that he didn’t want to smile because he was missing some teeth due to cavities and his adult teeth had not come in yet. The thought of being ashamed to smile because of dental problems stuck with me and moving forward in 2015 we will address dental health as a component during the week of academic reinforcement.

As with all Projects from Umbrella Initiatives a key part of implementing this component is ensuring that there is buy-in and support from all parties. Thus, in the United States we are looking for donations of dental supplies; while in Peru we are looking for dentist to donate their time and come and give engaging and informative talks about dental health. At the end of the Backpack Project we envision children receiving the dental supplies they will need for the coming months.