One Step at a Time


On November 7, 2015 I will run my first full marathon in Savannah!


You either love it or you hate it? The single statement can be used to describe a number of different activities or events in one’s life, but the more people I speak with it most frequently attributed to running. Whether it is outdoors, on a treadmill or some other circumstance; some folks prefer only to run if it is to avoid impeding danger or a lion.

I must confess that I enjoy running but I am not sure how I feel about running 26.2 miles. However, one thing I am absolutely sure of is that the opportunity to support the work of Umbrella Initiatives while I run gives this race all the more meaning. I sincerely ask that you consider supporting Umbrella Initiatives Foundation and my run through donating online safely and securely through Razoo or email me about donating via check.

Thank you for all of your support and keep checking on our Facebook site as I give updates about how the training is going. Online fundraising for Support My Steps, First Marathon Ever..