Super Readers

This project has benefited over 3,000 students during 2019. More than 300 volunteers were part of the classes and workshops that took place on Saturdays in schools throughout Peru both in urban and rural areas. Reading opens the mind in a myriad of ways from exploring new worlds, understanding people from different areas and confronting the realities that face each […]

First decade of work! 

Since January 2010, we have come a long way with millions of stories, smiles, and improved educational opportunities. Thousands of children and hundreds of young volunteers have participated in our projects in more than 150 rural, urban, and suburban communities between the United States, Haiti, Bolivia, and Peru.  A sincere thanks to all of the friends and volunteers who have supported. Their […]

Time for healing and reforestation

Over the past few weeks, the world’s attention has turned to the burning of the Amazon with a primary focus on Brazil which is home to over 60% of the primordial forest that serves as thermostat and lungs for the planet. However, the burning and loss of forest lands that have occurred in Brazil have also taken place in neighboring […]