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paloma-en-inglesThe Adventures of Paloma

Follow Paloma as she travels through all the regions of Peru, is it a dream or she actually flying through the air to explore the Sierra, Costa, and the Selva.

Through Paloma‚Äôs journeys, children learn key lessons in sharing, protecting the environment and joy of traveling. 

The adventures of Paloma is the first in a series of books that will be developed. The book is being used as a tool to encourage reading as well as to help finance the Backpack Project. 

For every book sold in the United States it covers the cost of donating a book in Peru.

Books that are part of the Project Super Readers. For every book purchased one is donated.


Las Aventuras en la Gran Ciudad – NOW AVAILABLE 

The latest adventures of Paloma are now available in Peru and the United States.  In this newest installment, author Yenny Delgado shares what Paloma’s life and her desire to have a world without borders.  It is a book designed for elementary-age students but with messages and themes for all ages.  To get your copy, please email.