Partner with Umbrella

A key part of the work of Umbrella Initiatives is building lasting partnerships and friends within the greater community to help promote and finance projects and activities.  Currently we are searching for community organizations and churches who are interested in partnering with Umbrella to both to extend the scope of the Backpack Project and also to develop additional initiatives that look to address many of the infrastructure and chronic problems that many schools face.

To find out more information about how to become a Partner with Umbrella Initiatives please contact Robert Rivers at


Bethesda Presbyterian Church:  Over the past 4 years the church has been a steady supporter of both projects and work of Umbrella Initiative’s Backpack Project, donating well over 800 backpacks in that time.

Become a Friend of Umbrella

Through donating $25.00 you will be a sustaining friend of Umbrella Initiatives and provide the equivalent of one backpack per month.

Run for Umbrella

If you are planning to walk, run, or crawl at an upcoming race please run in support of Umbrella Initiatives.  Simply contact with the race information, your photo and we can develop an email campaign to encourage others to support your run and provide backpacks to children in need.

Host a Party for Umbrella

Whether hosting friends at your house for a party or BBQ please consider these as opportunities to spread the message about Umbrella and encourage donations.  We would be happy to attend if in the MD/DC area or send a video of work and activities to share with your guest. Please contact us for more information about this opportunity.

Make Umbrella your Cause

If your school, church, or community group is looking for a charitable cause to support, consider Umbrella Initiatives.  Donated funds goes to support those in need and we work directly with community groups to ensure projects and involvement are done in a culturally appropriate manner.

Umbrella Initiatives Foundation