First decade of work! 

Since January 2010, we have come a long way with millions of stories, smiles, and improved educational opportunities. Thousands of children and hundreds of young volunteers have participated in our projects in more than 150 rural, urban, and suburban communities between the United States, Haiti, Bolivia, and Peru. 

A sincere thanks to all of the friends and volunteers who have supported. Their time, energy, and support to coordinate have been critical to transforming our dreams into a living reality. 

A decade later, we can count more than 200 public schools that open doors to our projects; 3500 young volunteers been training, empower and participate in concrete actions in favor of their communities, and  20,000 children were part of the literacy programs and fun class.

We plan to continue the forward progress, and with your support, we can do it. 

Please join with us in continuing this vital work for another decade.

In solidarity

Yenny and Robert