Fundraising for Backpacks

Celebrating 3 Years

On June 8, 2013 we will be celebrated the third Anniversary of Umbrella Initiatives Foundation!  With the main goal of fundraising for future projects and activities.  The party  kicked off in the mid-afternoon with great food and a short presentation about the work and activities of Umbrella.  More than 40 people enjoyed the celebration which raised over $1000 to support our signature outreach BackpackProject.


Goal of the Backpack Project

The Backpack Project aims to give a better start for children living in poverty through providing a backpack, supplies, and one week of scholastic reinforcement for children in need.  Umbrella works with local churches and community organizations providing the materials and supplies in addition to a general plan of action for the groups to use.  The community groups work with local schools in their area and sign agreements to use the school’s classrooms for the week of classes.

Through your support we are planning to expand the project from reaching 500 children in2013 to hopefully reaching 1,000 children for 2014.  However, to make this possible we need your support to reach those in needs.  Specifically through your support of $25.00 we can provide one backpack and supplies for one child and cover related cost such as programmatic work and refreshments during the week of class.  Above  you will see what each of the backpack’s contain.