Each Backpack, Handcrafted

At Umbrella Initiatives Foundation, one of the key principles in our work is ensuring that we respect and participate as real partners in efforts to improve communities.  To this end, we work with Mr. Jhonny Herandez of Creaciones y Confecciones Kairo of Lima, Peru to hand craft every backpack.  Mr. Hernandez and his employees inspect each backpack and pencil holder that the children will receive and make sure they will be ready for use and last for the duration of the academic year.

Through working with Creaciones y Confecciones over the past two years, we strive not only to help the lives of children living in poverty but we are also working to support local business and industry in Peru.  The backpacks handcrafted and sewed are slightly more expensive then buying imports from overseas but as a part of our commitment to developing communities and talent we know the slightly higher cost is worth the goodwill and helping to stimulate business and provide employment.

Below are some images from the sewing process of the backpacks.