Have Fun and Help Umbrella

Recently Jeanette and her roommate Daphne from Winston Salem hosted a party/fundraiser in support of Umbrella Initiatives and the Backpack Project.  Read below about their experience:

Jeanette’s Involvement

I first became involved with the work of Umbrella Initiatives in early 2010 and since then I have learned a lot about the work and what that the organization does for impoverished children in Peru. Seeing firsthand their hard work to help those children, I got inspired to do something for those children as well. I desire to do something, so I started to share about the organization with my roommates and friends. Not long ago my roommate and I decided to do an event to fundraise funds. 

 I live in Winston Salem, which is affectionately known as the City of the Arts. One of my roommates, Daphne, is a musician; after talking and thinking about it we decided we would have an Art Share Show in support of Umbrella Initiatives and the Backpack Project. We invited artists from different backgrounds to come to share their Art, we also sent out invitations to our friends and acquaintances via email, word of mouth and Facebook.  The event was carried out at our house. Daphne and I prepared Indian and Peruvian food, sweets and drinks and our other close friends helped with a lot of the other details and errands.

 On Saturday, November 9th we invited 12 talented artists shared their art with an audience of nearly 40 people. People that came brought their donations along with them.  We were surprised by the generosity of our friends and the wonderful artistic music and performances we all enjoyed. 

 Doing a fundraising event at our home has been a real blessing for us. We were not only helping children that need the most, but also we are also helping ourselves to be more aware of other people’s needs.  The benefits of helping others is immensely rewarding in all areas.

Below is a picture from the of the celebration and the two organizer Jeanette and Daphne:


Host a Party for Umbrella

A good way of sharing the work of Umbrella Initiatives with others is to celebrate the work and sharing with others through small parties and gatherings.  These small gatherings provide your friends and guest with more information about Umbrella’s work and also allow you the opportunity to share as well.

To help facilitate these parties we have developed a small packet of information that we can provide you electronically to share at the party. The packet includes:

  • Brochures in both English and Spanish to share with guest
  • Half-page informational sheets regarding projects and work of Umbrella
  • The latest video of work and action that can be viewed using YouTube
  • Photos and other materials to share

At the party you can encourage your friends to become a part of a positive change and donate a backpack with scholastic materials for the Backpack Project for only $25.00.  Friends are able to donate safely and securely through PayPal on our website (http://www.umbrellainitiatives.org) or sending checks directly to our office location:  Umbrella Initiatives Foundation, Ltd, 503 Crabb Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

If you might be interested in hosting a party in support of Umbrella let us know!  It is the best way to have a good time with friends and make a positive difference at the same time.  In early November 2013, one of Umbrella’s supporters, Jeanette organized a party in North Carolina with her friends and through this one party they were able to raise support for over 25 backpacks.  Essentially a full class of children will have the supplies and backpacks they will need for the academic year from one fun event.   If you would be interested in having a party to support and sponsor Umbrella let us know and email yenny.delgado@umbrellainitiatives.org.