Promoting Literacy throughout Peru…

Promoting Literacy

For 7 years we have been promoting and leading educational initiatives in Latin America.

Yenny Delgado and Rob Rivers
Yenny Delgado and Rob Rivers

Over that time more than 100 schools have benefited from our programs and 9,000 students have participated in workshops and school reinforcement classes.  Starting this year, we have begun to refine our focus to address the chronic and urgent need of increasing literacy throughout Peru and Bolivia.  Being able to read is critical for a society and a functioning democracy for real innovation and creativity to spark positive change. The focus on reading and literacy is a result of hearing the call and request from volunteers on the ground who have urged the Backpack Project to include children’s literature so that families will have books to read in their home.  

Through including the book The Adventures of Paloma we are encouraging young readers to embrace their creativity and also begin to look more critically at their surroundings to improve the world. This work continues and grows thanks to the unstoppable work of the founders Dr. Rob Rivers and the writer Yenny Delgado.

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