Emergency Flood Relief for Peru

Donate today support children and communities prepare and rebuild after extensive flooding to be ready for the start of the school year. Donations go directly to provide much needed supplies to children who have lost everything in flooding including, backpacks, school supplies and basic necessities to those hit hardest.

After several days of much heavier than expected rain, up to 10 times more than normal (according to The Atlantic) most of the northern part of the Peru and Lima is experiencing extensive flooding that has led to major loss of life and property. Often times the responses from the government reaches the most urgent necessities such as food, drinkable water and shelter. However, in this outreach what is also crucially important is ensuring that students are cared for and have the materials to carry in the midst of so much upheaval and destruction.

Umbrella Initiatives is working with local volunteers and other organizations to provide school materials, water and food to communities affected by the flooding. Your donation goes directly to support and the only overhead are the fees associated with the Razoo platform. We hope you find in your heart to support in this time of intense need for the entire community. In this time of need