“Soñar es Gratis” – To Dream is Free!

sonar es gratis

Here at Umbrella Initiatives Foundation we invite you to join us, not in another New Year’s Resolution but into changing your mindset to what is possible and how you can achieve it.

Sonar es Gratis
To dream is free…

“Soñar es Gratis!” – “To Dream is Free”

More than anything else we invite and encourage everyone to dream.

  • Dream of a better world.
  • Dream of how you can make a positive difference in your community
  • Dream of actually doing it

Yenny Delgado, the founder and International Director lives and works based off this one simple statement – “To Dream is Free.” Whether through the publishing of the children’s book “Las Aventuras de Paloma” or the start of the Backpack Project; her goal is to follow her dreams and to speak power to dreams. Prior to analyzing the cost, the potential headaches, the amount of hard work necessary, Yenny just allows her dreams to live and transition from ideas into words on a paper. From then with the help of the Board and volunteers the dreams are refined to actionable plans to help improve the educational opportunities for children living in impoverished areas.

As we begin this New Year we invite you to Dream and also to Dream with Umbrella Initiatives about how together we can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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