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Our goal this year is to extend the Backpack Project to over 2,000 students in Peru.  The Backpack Project provides fun and creative and educational opportunities akin to a weeklong summer camp here in the United States. However, without your support it is impossible for Umbrella Initiatives to work and improve educational opportunities for children both in Peru and now in Montgomery County, Maryland through Bilingual Voices Program.

Not only is your support going towards worthwhile projects but also rest assured that your contributions are used wisely.  Based on our 2013 reporting 93%, go towards improving educational opportunities.

So please don’t hesitate and wait until the end of the year support today.

Be part of a positive difference through supporting the Backpack Project and activities of Umbrella Initiatives. You can donate either by our verified PayPal account or contact the Administrator Robert Rivers at for other ways to support with out having to pay online.